Psychological Time

No mater what we want to do in life, it takes time. The learning of an instrument, the building of a business, the courtship that goes into winning someone’s heart or the accumulation of knowledge…it all takes time.

There is also a different type of time. A type of time that keeps us locked into the mental cage of yesterday and tomorrow. This is known as psychological time.

Anything you want to become can only happen now. To think about the future can only happen now and to think about the past can only happen now.

You see, there is a bigger obstacle to accept when dealing with this type of time. You can’t be anywhere else but where you are. The person you are today is the person you will be in the future.

All action must happen now. All discipline, attentiveness and awareness can only flourish moment to moment.

A flower doesn’t look forward to blooming, it just does. The sun doesn’t wake up one day and realize it needs to give light, actually I don’t think the sun really knows what it’s doing, perhaps that is why it’s so valuable.

A mind with the torrential torment that comes with a life of past baggage and a future of hope cannot find innocence, it cannot entertain the ability to contemplate. The innocent mind can only flourish right now.

The past you is a useless and meaningless thought and the future you can only take birth now. Envision what you want to be now. Meet this moment eye to eye and go from there.

Written with Love,
Anand Swamy
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Think Better Today

Today I wanted to share tips that have helped me get through tough days. It’s not easy to remain calm and patient in difficult situations, but sometimes a little dose of reality can put things into perceptive very quickly. Check out 5 quick tips to think better today.

It really is temporary 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Enlightened Monk or a blithering heathen that enjoys the occasional joint laced with hash. The truth of the matter is that life is temporary and so are the problems we face day to day. Continue reading “Think Better Today”

It’s Ok to have a Bad day

We have them. We can’t escape them. I had one a few days ago and it caught me off-guard because I can’t remember the last time having one.

Gratitude checklist – done!
Life is temporary contemplative type thinking. – done!
Setting an intention – done!
Meditation – done!

I dug deep down into my mental toolbox of positive thinking and came out nill. Instead of trying to understand or make sense of the way I was feeling I decided to wallow in my cesspool of despair.

My girlfriend was concerned. I told her I’m just having a bad day. She got it and didn’t try to cheer me up. I appreciated that.

The next day I felt better, actually much better. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t trying to find answers. Maybe being present isn’t about fornicating with joy. Perhaps presence is accepting all the beauty and bullshit life offers.

Sometimes you have to wallow in filth to appreciate what it feels like to be clean. Case in point- I worked on a farm a few months ago. I was covered in dirt, goat milk, baby saliva, sweat, dog drool, and mosquito bites. That evening I experienced one of the best showers ever. I believe this is similar to our bad days in that we must have them.

Life gives us infectious, euphoric, cataclysmic, beautiful and malignant doses of contrast.

The Zen in me tries to stay in the middle of the good and bad and stray away from reactionary thinking, but the human in me, the person that bleeds, the person that feels and has emotions says feel the high’s and low’s.

What I thought I know for sure, just isn’t so. Passion is born out of despair, enslavement breeds freedom and hate will eventually give way to love.

Live vigorously, unapologetically and kindly.

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Can we Put an End to Suffering?

During my lunch break, I walked across the street to a sitting stairwell next to First Republic Banks Headquarters. It’s become a welcomed respite from the chaos of the city, even though it’s within the confines of it. It’s a place where people talk with friends, check their phones or like me, just sit alone for the sheer reason of being alone.

I noticed a man. He was Asian, mid-40’s, dreary and tired looking and on the cusp of exhaustion. He wore a crinkled white shirt, faded blue dockers, and a belt that had its miles numbered and shoes with a little too much heal support. His slumped disposition lasted a few moments as his son and wife greeted him.  The little one ran to his father as if it was a race, and fell into his arms. Immediately, the man was full of energy and vitality. Even if for a brief moment, all was right in his world.  Oddly, I felt the same.

Continue reading “Can we Put an End to Suffering?”

Nature – Wash Your Spirit Clean

I go on lots of nature walks. It is when I’m in and around nature that I become centered; centered in such a way that the rat race that has become life leaves, even if only temporarily. I see many metaphors in nature’s presence; each one has a big lesson behind it. In natures silence every word can be heard clearly. She is able to cut, crystalize, and clarify everything that I need to know. Continue reading “Nature – Wash Your Spirit Clean”

Intermittent Fasting — Why I Started & Why YOU should Give it some Thought!

These days I have water for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll get a little fancy and boil the water.

I won’t eat a bite of food until 1pm and will stop at 8pm. This leaves a 17 hour window of fasting. Which isn’t so bad considering I stop eating in the evening and the majority of fasting hours are spent sleeping. Continue reading “Intermittent Fasting — Why I Started & Why YOU should Give it some Thought!”

Vipassana Meditation — Living a Monk’s Life for 10 Days

What is Vipassana 

Vipassana is a meditation technique of seeing things as they really are. Through stark observation and concentration the focus remains on the sensations of the body and through this, one develops non-reactive understanding and insight into the subtle and gross changes that the body exhibits during meditation. Continue reading “Vipassana Meditation — Living a Monk’s Life for 10 Days”

A Lesson from Karl

Drenched in an eerie thick blanket of fog, with sprinkled mist all along the Bay, San Francisco was solemn, grey and with an almost somber feeling of dismay. Even though it was a Thursday, Clement street was empty, desolate and littered with a tinge of darkness. This is the San Francisco I’ve grown to know, the San Fransisco that most don’t tell you about. My girlfriend, sister and I decided to take a little evening jog. I knew the Lands End Trail would be empty on the account of the weather. With all this, my gloomy disposition had nothing to do with sadness. I’ve grown to love the fog. It’s when the limited greenery of the city is empty and mine for the taking. Continue reading “A Lesson from Karl”