#8 Think Better Today

Today I wanted to share tips that have helped me get through tough days. It’s not easy to remain calm and patient in difficult situations, but sometimes a little dose of reality can put things into perspective very quickly. Check out these five quick tips to think better today.

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#7 It’s Okay to Have a Bad Day

We have them. We can’t escape them. I had one a few days ago and it caught me off-guard.

Gratitude checklist – done!
Life is temporary contemplative type thinking – done!
Setting an intention – done!
Meditation – done!

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#6 Can We Put an End to Suffering?

During my lunch break, I walked across the street to a sitting stairwell next to the First Republic Bank Headquarters. It’s become a welcomed respite from the chaos of the city, even though it’s within the confines of it. It’s a place where people talk with friends, check their phones, or like me, just sit alone for the sheer reason of being alone.

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