#9 Psychological Time

No mater what we want to do in life, it takes time. The learning of an instrument, the building of a business, the courtship that goes into winning someone’s heart, or the accumulation of knowledge. It all takes time.

There is also a different type of time. A type of time that keeps us locked into the mental cage of yesterday and tomorrow. This is known as psychological time.

Anything you want to become can only happen now. To think about the future, can only happen now and to think about the past, can only happen now.

You see, there is a bigger obstacle to accept when dealing with this type of time. You can’t be anywhere else but where you are. The person you are today is the person you will be in the future.

All action must happen now. All discipline, attentiveness, and awareness can only flourish moment to moment.

A flower doesn’t look forward to blooming, it just does. The sun doesn’t wake up one day and realize it needs to give light. Actually I don’t think the sun really knows what it’s doing, perhaps that is why it’s so valuable.

A mind with the torrential torment that comes with a life of past baggage and a future of hope cannot find innocence and it cannot entertain the ability to contemplate. The innocent mind can only flourish right now.

The past you is a useless and meaningless thought and the future you can only take birth now. Envision what you want to be now. Meet this moment eye to eye and then go from there.

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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