#10 -The Amygdala

Once upon a time before tv’s, wifi, and subways (both sandwiches and transportation), early homo-sapiens also known as cavemen would run in fear when chased by a lion. How did the cavemen know to run? Why didn’t they want to make nice with the lion? Well it’s simple. Our memories became sharp through experience and also because cavemen knew from other cavemen that lions are crazy dangerous.

During this time our brains also became smarter. Specifically the two almond shaped pieces called the Amygdala evolved to be responsible for flight or fight. Why is this important and how is this piece of information relevant for our lives today?

Well that’s a good question and here is the answer. Although we don’t have the constant need for flight or fight today, we still act like we do. Most humans have the basic necessities covered. Despite this, we are quick to react based on fleeting emotions to situations that result in absolutely nothing, and this causes stress.

Back in the cavemen days, survival was disguised as a scapegoat for an emotion known as stress, but today stress need not be. Emotion is derived from the latin “emovere,” which means to agitate. What is being agitated? I firmly believe, it’s our true self, the self that is reading this blog post right now. It’s not hard to not be agitated. Just don’t be agitated. No mantras, no special meditations needed…just an attentive mind that understands that this moment creates others.

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