My Fiancé and I were walking through Golden Gate Park on a cold and crisp Saturday afternoon. We walked through one of the ten lakes the park offers, each finely equipped with its own distinct character. On our way, we were pleasantly ambushed in unison by squirrels, ducks, finches and a swimming raccoon. I’m not sure how the conversation started, but through the course of it, my better half brought up the term biomimicry.

Biomimicry is where humans innovate by emulating nature. For example, we still use horsepower as a measurement to dictate an automobiles strength or how wings on a plane was undoubtedly inspired by birds.

Although many innovations have occurred because of mans awareness into what nature does, nature itself doesn’t care. It simply does what it’s been doing since the dawn of time, and that’s being itself and that’s what we as humans gravitate towards. Whether with innovation or simply the people we admire and respect, being ourselves somehow has always been enough.

Imagine that.

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