#13 -A Holiday to Remember

It was Christmas Day. My fiancé and I were seated at the family table writing the last of our holiday cards. Her Grandpa came over to me and asked if I could write a card for Mosca (pronounced moo-sh-ka) on his behalf.

Mosca means fly in Portuguese and it’s also considered a term of endearment. Mosca is Grandma.

Grandpa spoke mostly Portuguese, but his eyes were a telling sign that he wanted me to write something special for the woman he’s stood by for the past 50+ years. I asked him a few questions about Mosca. Questions that no one ever thought to ask. Being an outsider, it was easier for me to ask them and I imagine, for him to answer as well. I wrote the following on December 25, 2018. My words were merely a vessel for what this beautiful man had in his heart.

“After 53 years of marriage Matilda, the flame of our love has not withered. With your warmth, feisty attitude and resilience, you’ve made our house into a home. Through our careers, the family we’ve made and all the memories we’ve shared, you’ve been not only my wife but also my very best friend. If I had do it all over again with you, I wouldn’t hesitate. Matilda my love, cheers to this year and many more.”

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