#16 Is Usain Bolt Really the Fastest Man in the World?

The Olympics is one of my favorite sporting events to watch. It’s a time where athletic grit, talent, love, and admiration for ones own country and the love for other countries, join forces. It’s a time where the world embraces differences, breaks down walls in order to build unity, even if only for a few weeks. The outcome resulting in a renewed sense of truth where the phrase, we aren’t all that different rings true. 

I hold track and field close to my heart probably because I competed in high school. I’m mesmerized by Usain Bolt. This man not only wins races and shatters world records, but he also annihilates the competition, sometimes by fractions of a second, which in the track world, is comparable to a mile.

While watching one of his post-race replays, the announcer noticed something interesting about Bolt. At about the 60-meter mark when the other sprinters finally have their stride going, they slow down. On the other hand, Bolt maintains the same speed he did out the gate. He doesn’t go any faster or any slower. He’s remains consistent with the same speed throughout the entire 100 meters. 

In life, the race is seldom about who’s fastest, but rather who shows up time and time again. Consistency is something many of us lack, even when we know it’s good for us. There is no true and tried way to be consistent except to hold yourself accountable because when the race is on, it’s on you, and you only. 

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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