#22 Embrace the Rainy Days

There are many times where life’s everyday nuances give us important lessons. Having the ability to be in this moment, with total undivided attention, can be hard in our fast world but I assure you, it’s where you find the good stuff. The kind of stuff that opens the mind, flourishes what’s in the heart, and ultimately lets you express what is deep inside.

Yesterday, while parked in my car I noticed the petals from a cherry blossom tree falling. It’s a majestic sight. They say the cherry blossom is the symbolic flower of spring. It represents a time of renewal, but also the stark reality that life is short since cherry blossoms die a few weeks after blooming. My admiration of the flowers was interrupted by torrential rainfall, the perks of living in Oregon. 

I couldn’t see the cherry blossoms anymore. The rain had invaded my view, or so I thought. I’m not sure why, but that moment gave rise to a metaphor. There are times in our life where we think everything is perfect and when the slightest misfortune comes our way, we feel invaded. However, the truth is, nothing is consistently good or bad in our lives. Many of us know this to be true but still relish in the moments of joy and fall apart when things have gone south. I decided to enjoy the rain.

The pitter-patter of the raindrops against my windshield made me retreat and think about the trees, other plant life, and wild animals that will be nourished by the rain. It made me think about our Earth. It made me think about how rain forms from clouds in the sky, but up beyond that, there is nothing but desolate black matter which holds everything together, but somehow , holds nothing. 

Our perfect moments will be invaded by imperfect ones, but it’s only because of imperfection that we know perfection. When it rains, invite it with the same regard as you would with the moments that take your breath away. Without the rain, the cherry blossom tree would not be here and neither would any of us. 

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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