#38 Cause and Effect

A drunk is hungover the next day.

A greasy burger causes heartburn.

A few days without a shower will cause you to stink.

Do ya catch my drift? If not, keep reading.

I first learned about cause and effect when a kind friend invited me to a Buddhist Monastery in Lafayette, CA almost 3-years ago.

Every Tuesday evening the Monks open their doors to the public. An hour of meditation is followed by an hour of class on the fundamentals of Buddhism.

The teachings on cause and effect had a profound impact on me. It’s helped me not to worry about the future (effect/tomorrow) and has helped me focus on this moment (today/cause).

Today will affect tomorrow. When tomorrow comes is still a mystery physicists are working on.

So when I say tomorrow, it could be in the next minute, hour, month, year, etc.

Expand this further. What you do today affects your entire life.

I don’t know how my life will play out in the future and to be honest, it’s becoming less of a concern.

Like me, you only have now.

How it will all play out will unravel itself in uncommon hours.

With Love,

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