#31 Treat Everyone Like They’ll Die Soon

After all the meditation, philosophic readings, and walks in nature I have learned very little. I thought the lessons in life would guide me to learn something profound. I thought I’d find a calling, perhaps some purpose, and maybe some meaning to all this madness.

These past two years have been one of intense self-reflection and contemplation. I was a hermit for the most part and spent many weekends alone. It was an important time. Unfortunately, I came out knowing very little. Except the importance of treating everyone as if I’ll never seen them again.

It might seem too dramatic for the faint hearted, but it’s only truth that helps me love and give an ounce of meaning to the world. When I see friends, family members, and strangers, a part of my heart rejoices and another is extremely saddened. I know every beautiful face I see, every insightful conversation I have, and every tender touch I feel, will be gone too soon.

We are created to die and it hurts. I’ve spent weeks thinking about those that are in my life. Many of them say profound things, others stay stupid meaningless bullshit, but my heart fails to acknowledge the difference.

Every relationship I have is dying.

Why do I have friends, family, and lovers? Why do I continue to love even though everyone will perish?

It’s because the very love that is being taken away from me is the same love I live for.

Nothing else matters in this world. Make amends with people today even if you’re right. Having pride in your work is an accomplishment, but having pride in holding a grudge will only help you wallow in the sea of despair. Argue, debate, and disagree with others with different points of view — but like boxers — shake hands and give each other a strong hug after.

In the end, we are all in this together.

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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