#37 What Is Character?

It’s doing what’s right when no one is watching.

It’s being cognizant of the monkey mind and not identifying with thoughts.

It’s being thoughtful in every interaction with another living entity.

It’s understanding that you can’t change anyone so stop trying.

It’s living in the moment, because moments are all we have.

It’s doing what’s right even when it’s difficult.

It’s admitting that we are wrong when it’s difficult.

It’s laughing at life because the whole spectacle is kind of odd.

It’s knowing that tomorrow may never come.

It’s putting others first without compromising personal happiness.

It’s learning the power of the word no.

It’s understanding that you can’t please everyone, so stop trying. Some will love you, and some won’t. We are not here to win everyone’s approval.

It’s being okay with being a work in progress.

It’s not beating yourself down if you happen to fail, because we all fail.

You should get up!


Because there is no one like you on this planet and the world would appreciate it if we can see the best of you.

I hope we do.

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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