#43 Why You Should Be Fearless as Fuck

It was early July 2015. Summer was in full swing, but in San Ramon, CA it felt like spring and fall were playing music together.

The sun felt like a warm blanket on a cool day. The leaves were multicolored and almost translucent. I picked one up and held it in front of the light for good measure and was in awe holding nature’s stained glass.

This was my first joint sales day with my new manager. I was nervous but excited because I respected his vision. He was someone that could help me become a better leader for this company.

I walked into the business complex, went to the 4th floor, and buzzed the doorbell. My manager opened up the door with a look of worry and seriousness. He asked me to follow him into a room where another sales manager was seated.

I was asked to sit across from them and was handed a letter of termination.

The other manager who actually wanted me to work on his team looked at me with sincerity and said, “I’m sorry man.”

I was fired and my heart sank into knots.

I gave them my computer, phone, and was asked to exit the premises.

I’ve never wrote about this until today and the thought of it still makes my heart sink and blood boil.

For 10 years I gave this company my everything. I cultivated strong relationships with colleagues. I eased the fears for my customers during our worst disasters and made them become fans of our company mantra “People, Service, Profit.” I used my ingenuity and went above and beyond my duties as an employee.

I liked what I did and was good at it. And now it was all being taken away.

I exited the building and walked to my car in tears but a glimmer of hope overcame me as my manager ran to the parking lot.

I actually thought that he might reconsider my termination. Instead, he needed my company ID card. Employee number 642104 was nothing but a figment of my imagination. My soul fell deeper into an unknown abyss.

That day the world slowed down. I had a firm grip on the steering wheel to stop from shaking. I could feel a volcanic tornado forming inside of me only to be washed down by a thunderstorm.

No sympathy

I reached out to my closest friends and family about the news. I was expecting some consoling words or gestures of goodwill, but instead everyone that I hold dear said:

“‘This is the best thing that could have ever happened to you.’”

I was a little shocked but as the week progressed, I started to understand why.

I’ve always loved to create. I had an eBay business in my early 20’s, sold protein powders to fellow college students, started blogs on finance, motivation, beagles (RIP Eshu), mindfulness, food, and marketing.

I got absolutely no sympathy from my loved ones because they saw much more in me.

Fast-forward 2 years

To tell you my entire story would take a book but my setbacks did not end with getting fired.

I had just recovered from ankle surgery and learned how to conduct physical therapy on my own, my fathers cab business was taken over by Uber and I had to help him financially as well keep myself afloat. Family tensions where fragile as my parents divorced and I was still recovering from a break-up with a longterm girlfriend.

Nevertheless, the next few years was a time of self-exploration. I tried dabbling my foot into uncharted waters of ideas.

I continued to blog and fell in love with writing again, learned about affiliate marketing, started coding, produced videos, got into photography, learned the art of meditation, explored the nature in California, and felt something that I haven’t felt since I was as a child.


I tapped into my savings and vanquished the idea of security because there is no such thing. I invested in myself and vowed to become a better person because its how I would be the best for others.

Today, I work as a Senior Customer Success Manager for a technology start-up in Silicon Valley. My journey of ups and downs have led to me a fulfilling juncture in life.

I failed to see what others did at the time — that getting fired was the opportunity that was chasing me.

Why this matters to you

I wanted to share my story with you not as a means to self-indulge in my misery, but to tell you not to fear.

I was put in a situation where much of my life for the past 10 years was abruptly taken away. I felt naked but it brought me to a realization that is now obvious.

You are capable of much more than you think

Whether it’s being a better employee, a better partner to your spouse, finding love, reaching fitness goals, etc., you are worthy of good things.

Through everything I experienced, the zeal for life has not escaped . I can confidently tell you, it’s possible to make what you desire happen.

The more audacious the idea the better!

We only have but a moment to live so instead of waiting for something drastic to happen like getting fired, I say DIE. Die to the moment, die to your last breath, and die to FEAR.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to do what you love. If you work full time, have kids but are passionate about something, then work on what you love for 5 minutes a day. If you have a grudge with someone that you know you’ll miss if they died, forgive them and tell them you LOVE them, today!

By the way, I love you all. I love you for reading what I write. I love you because you let me be a part of your day and I hope I make your day a little better.

We all have the tools within us to live the way we want. Be a child again and live life with possibility and optimism. Our world has enough bad news. We need more compassion, empathy, and more folks that care.

Life is not about overcoming the wall of fear, it’s about realizing that it was never there to begin with. The only thing stopping you is YOU. We are our biggest fan and critic.

Do our evolved brains fail to see what is so primitive? Can it really be that easy?

I think it can. I think you can make happen whatever you wish.

I will continue to progress and hope you do as well.

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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