#51 The Essence of Spirituality in 21 Lines

The word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus which means to breathe.

You could say someone who’s spiritual is a breather.

By being aware of your breath, you’re practicing presence.

This is the essence of spirituality!

To take notice of your breath when in any activity is where joy resides.

You can only be here now.

Even to think about the past and future must be done in this moment.

Awareness, spirituality, and mindfulness can all be summed up as presence.

Presence is the only truth because it’s the only moment not bound by time.

Presence is where thought ceases to exist and where transcendence awaits.

When we concentrate on the breath, we can live this moment to the fullest.

With every breath in, we take in life, and every breath out, we give it back.

The breath reminds us that external factors are temporary.

The breath reminds us that we can always be at peace.

It also reminds us that salvation lies in bringing awareness to each moment.

The breath is a compass when the mind wanders to yesterday & tomorrow.

Whenever life gives you grief, come back to the breathe.

The breath reminds us that we can only show and embrace love now.

If you can breathe then you can be spiritual.

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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