#63 The Greatest Show on Earth

When we go to the movies, we have preferences for the type of flicks we plan to watch. We walk into a movie theater expecting Hollywood to take us on an emotional roller coaster. 

Some like the thrill and gut-wrenching adrenaline of horror, others prefer the tear-jerking emotions that come from drama. Some like the abdominal pain-inducing laughter that comes from a comedy, while others escape into the realm of fantasy with sci-fi.

We give movies permission to move us. We dance with their artistry to help us access emotions that otherwise remain dormant in our real lives. 

Why? Why not invite the emotions that we so willingly give to the big screen into our own lives? Why not see your life as the greatest show on earth? 

The characters are plenty, the plot never ceases to thicken, and the feelings we harbor are beckoning to be released. 

Fall into the moments of your life. Face your gut-wrenching fears. Tango with animosity. Find the ability to love yourself over and over again no matter how many times your heartbreaks. 

Become the hero in your movie. 

Much like the big screen, our life is an experience. Let’s count ourselves lucky to be alive. Let’s acknowledge the beauty of fear, worry, anger, sadness, happiness, and laughter. They are the many masks of emotions disguised as love.

And much like the movies, the roller coaster of life will eventually come to an end. Live in the moments today. 

Set sail for the open waters. Accept and welcome the tumultuous storms as you would the silent waters of the majestic ocean. Your movie begins now. 


With Love,

Anand Swamy

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