#64 Beginnings Don’t Have to End

First kiss, first day on the job, and first trips abroad to name a few firsts are when hopes are high. It’s when we are most present, alert, attentive, and receptive to the moment. 

Beginnings are exhilarating. They inspire curiosity, bravery, and vigorous action. Everything is much more visceral. Opinions are slightly subdued and embracing the now is much more accepted, appreciated, and necessary. However, every exciting new beginning comes to end. But does it have to? 

  • What if we treated the world like a mother greeting her newborn for the first time? 
  • What if we performed our jobs with the same enthusiasm that we had on the first day? 
  • What if we had the same earth-shattering lust for our spouses as we did for them on the first date? 

The truth this, every day is new. It is a fresh chance to put forth our best character and effort into any area of life we wish.

For me, accepting every day as a beginning has helped to forgive myself if yesterday was unsettling. It’s helped me to stop scolding myself for not being exactly where I want to be in life. Also, it’s given me the courage to fall, and the tenacity coupled with curiosity to get back up. 

What would the world look like if we all chose to view every moment as a new beginning? We may be less reactive to conjure up a past memory. We may be less obsessed with time and our constant mental to-do list. We may start to look at every new day as a chance to become a better version of ourselves. 

We just may run the risk of looking at life as a miracle. 

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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