# 71 The Dishwasher

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay 

When we use the dishwasher, there is a reason we put our silverware, glasses, and dishes in the same place. It saves time and energy because we know where things are.

I am taking this simple idea and trying to spread it across as many areas of my life as I can. I am making it a point to be more organized. It took me a long time to learn about the importance of knowing where things are until I started breaking down the idea of time.

Life really is shorter than we think. Below is a small piece from a post I wrote titled, How to Live Simpler today, 7 Things You Can Do to See immediate results.

Let’s break out a typical 24-hour day.

  • 8 hours of sleeping
  • 8 hours of working
  • 8 hours of free time

The average person dies at about 73 years of age, but for the sake of this section, let’s assume that we are all at our optimum health and will live until 90.

If we break out our life in thirds or 30-year increments, then our lives are broken down into the following segments

  • 30 years of sleeping
  • 30 years of work
  • 30 years of free time

When you divide the 30 years of free time into even smaller increments, you realize it’s not really free. Our 30 years are dedicated to our spouses, family, friends, and hobbies. It can look something like this:

  • 10 years with extended family/friends
  • 10 years to be the best version of you (hobbies, creative pursuits)
  • 10 years with spouse/children

We don’t have a lot of time, and the dishwasher taught me that there are lots of things in my life that could use a little organization, so I can spend more of that time doing things I love, like writing.

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