#75 Tuna Skin

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

About 40 miles South of Tokyo, Japan you’ll find the small fishing village of Misaki. 

There, the Misaki Tuna Center is where neighboring chefs gather every morning at 7 am to get their hands on the prized Maguro, or Bluefin Tuna. 

Master Chef and Artist, Yoshio “Oyaji” Yamada owns a restaurant called Kurobatei.

Like many of the chefs, he’s eager to get the best tuna he can for his customers.

However, unlike many of the chefs in the area, Oyaji utilizes every part of the fish and is able to perform alchemy on the lessor and oftentimes, neglected cuts. 

In particular, he’s able to take the inedible tendons of the fish and make them into deep-fried morsels of heaven. 

He takes the bloodline of the fish, which would make other chefs shutter to even think about cooking, and makes it taste like thin pieces of delicate beef tenderloin. 

He’ll use the skin, and mix it with strawberries to make a sorbet that not only tastes good, but because of the rich collagen, actually has properties to make you look healthier. 

The restaurant’s most prized dish is grilled tuna head.

Oyaji encourages other chefs in the area to use every part of the fish.

Like with many things in life, it’s not the lack of resources, but rather lack of resourcefulness that may inhibit us from accomplishing the goals we set out for ourselves. 

When’s the last time you utilized everything within your realm of possibility for something meaningful?

I haven’t. However, I am starting to, and hope you do too.

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