#78 Wash Your Spirit Clean

Photo by Pablo Fierro on Unsplash

Around the 1860s about 95% of the Redwood Forests were cut down for lumber, to be used by ranchers, developers, and loggers. 

John Muir, a disrupter of that time, as well as a naturalist, author, philosopher, and early advocate for all things nature, saw this problem and took action.

As passionate as he was about preserving nature, he needed help. 

His beautiful essays, poems, and pictures of the Yosemite Valley caught the attention of President, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. 

When Roosevelt was 25, his mother and wife fell ill. They ended up dying on the same day. To this, he said, “The light has gone out of my life.”

He took his grief, pain, and turmoil into nature’s abode and noticed its power to heal.

In 1903, Roosevelt visited Muir in the Yosemite Valley where they camped for three days. 

Their time together marked the catalyst of the National Parks Service. 

The pandemic has halted our lives in many ways, but thankfully many National, State, and local parks are still open. 

While technology has afforded us many comforts, it fails in comparison to the clarity and clairvoyance that nature can offer us. 

I encourage you to walk with nature. It has something to offer that is unique to you. 

She will make you feel something that nothing else can even begin to imagine. 

Breath in the fresh air. Let it encapsulate every fiber of your being. 

Touch the trees, lend them your ear, and hear their sage voices. They are like us, more than we know. 

Hear the birds sing, and listen to the song as nature plays her silent tune and strums everything that is living. 

“Into the forest, I go. I lose my mind and find my soul.” — John Muir

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