#80 Don’t Beat Yourself – Failure Is Not Fatal


In my teens, getting in F was akin to Armageddon. 

In my 20’s, a screw up at work made me feel tense and anxious for weeks.

Now in my mid 30’s, failing to do something correctly has become an opportunity for growth.

Failure is good. It’s the litmus test needed to grow our intellects, wisdom and spirit. 

Did you screw up at work? Trust me, it’s not as bad as you think. 

Did you upset someone? Don’t worry too much. Thankfully, you don’t have the power to perceive how others think. 

Did you overeat and not exercise? Put a stamp on today and let it go. 

Tomorrow is a new beginning. 

Our failures, when acknowledged, can help us strive to be better. 

Failure is not fatal, so fail as much as you can.

Having the tenacity to get back up after every downfall builds mental muscle.

It’s failures way of working for us, rather than against us.

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