#84 Dance – Die to Yesterday, and usher in the Gift of Today

Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

Rarely, if ever, do we skip to the end of the things we enjoy. 

When it comes to our favorite songs, we make it a point to listen to every beat. 

The chorus is just as important as the ending notes. 

It’s times like this where some esoteric force that’s beyond our comprehension, pulls us close to accept the present moment. 

We think we choose these moments, but they really choose us. This is when we dance. This is where artistry is born. This is where love begins. 

This is joy. 

We have all experienced moments like this.

Planning for the future and learning from the past, while important, need only a small fraction of our life. 

This year many loved ones have been taken away. 

Some from Covid. 

It’s been a stark reminder that life is a gift. That the action of unwrapping it, is the point.

It’s always been the journey, and not the destination. 

Make sure you give every tear the time to shed when you cry. 

When laughter strikes, make it echo to the heavens. 

Find refuge in pain, and let it guide you to greener pastures. 

Hold the ones you love firmly as if it’s the last time. 

We die each day. If we wake up tomorrow, we have been granted something special. 

One more day to dance. 

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