#86 Creation from Chaos – Art is the Soul Expressing Itself

Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash

In the 1800’s, New Orleans was the epicenter of the African slave trade. It became the largest exporter of cotton in the American South. 

Although these brave African souls faced bigotry, trepidation and turmoil, they had something that many resort to during times of strife. 


In the late 1890s, you could hear the African drums in Congo Square. Music helped them keep their spirits alive. 

Across the street from Congo Sqaure in the French Quarter was the French Oprah house, where Europeans played brass music. 

Through time, like with many things, an intermingling of cultures was born out of a turbulent past. 

Specifically, something happened with music just a few blocks away.

The raw, unadulterated, and lively drums came into contact with the refined and polished brass music. 

The exact place was the Eagle Saloon.

And just like that, Jazz was born.

Like Jazz, we all have a story. Chapters that were written before us inked with tears of joy and sorrow, to where we are today. 

Where there is beauty, there is also struggle.

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