#89 Ego – Acknowledging Acknowledment

Photo by Orkun Azap on Unsplash

The Ego. 

It’s sensitive, invisible, and invites itself without notice. 

It’s a derivative of our personality that seeks self-importance. 

In other words, the ego wants acknowledgment. 

It’s a puppy that does tricks and expects a reward. Everyone has this puppy. 

When I acknowledge others, wanting acknowledgment, all that really means is that their puppy needs more training. 

But, I also realize that my acknowledgment of others wanting to be acknowledged could be my puppy being judgmental which means my judgmental puppy and the puppy wanting acknowledgment are in the same doghouse. 

I am confused and this is a problem. But I also think that the first way to fix any problem is to realize there is one. 

Acknowledging the thing inside of us that wants acknowledgment, is a great first step into understanding ourselves more deeply. 

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