#90 Luck – Finding Extraordinary in the Ordinary!

Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash

When someone wins the lottery or survives a head-on collision we call it luck. 

The human species has an interesting way to paint stories to tell a narrative of beating the odds. 

If you are reading this and not in the hospital trying desperately to beat cancer, you could also be beating the odds. 

If you had clean water, a hot shower, and a few meals today, then you’re lucky. 

Luck is a relative term that often gets misconstrued with an immediate dose of gratification. 

The answers we seek that come in the form of accomplishments and goals find us in unexpected moments but require patience and hard work.

However, if we can seek the questions that already have the answers, answered, we may let more peace and happiness into our lives.

Therefore gratitude can be a form of luck.

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