#93 The Breath – How to Escape Suffering

A son asked his mother, “why do you sit in silence alone?”

The mother said:

“Son, I’m not alone. I sit with a breath. You see, the breath is never hungry. It’s never sad. It’s never mad. It’s void of feeling, thereby making it void of suffering. It doesn’t need anything, nor does it want anything, yet it encapsulates everything.

The breath is where I travel when I need to escape from myself and into this moment. The moment, we are sharing right now. The moment that will never be again. The moments where there is no you or I, but all of us. It’s where joy sits waiting for us.

Every grain of sand, every fallen leaf, and every beautiful tear ever shed belongs to the infinite. We are nothing but a vessel for the breath.

Its song can only be understood by the soul, so the next time you listen to the music, understand that it’s not the notes you hear, but rather the silence between them.”

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