#95 Power Steering – Finding Beauty in Struggle

Photo by Manuel Asturias on Unsplash

I’m currently in the process of saying goodbye to our home in Oregon. The state will hold a very close place in my heart.

The fresh air from the Douglas firs made it seem like a winter vacation every day. I’ll miss the summers paddle-boarding, finding our own private watering hole as we would plunge into the Umpqua River, and the countless culinary titans dishing out some of the best food I’ve ever had.

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#94 A Possible Key to Longevity — Ikarian Way of Life

Perched above the sprawling hillside lay an old Mediterranean home overlooking the Aegean sea. The inhabiting couple, in their mid 80’s, tend to their land like others in the community. Harvesting honey, raising chickens, and eating by the toils of one’s own hand is commonplace in Ikaria, an island of Greece thirty minutes west of Turkey, by boat.

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