#96 Timeless Lessons Learned for 2022

I turned thirty-seven years old on November 7th, 2021.

That’s thirty-seven revolutions around the sun.

That’s 148 seasons, roughly 13,505 days, and 324,120 hours of a life lived.

However, age is an arbitrary figure when looking at the lens of the present moment, but for the sake of this article, I will share thirty-seven pieces of advice that have helped me, and I hope it helps you too.

Why did I choose thirty-seven?

I just felt like it.


Where you are right now, is where you’re supposed to be, because you couldn’t be anywhere else.

Try not to waste your energy worrying about others. Your worry does nothing but bring you down. Conversely, tell those that worry about you, that you can’t do anything about their worries.

Social media is useful but mostly stupid. Use it wisely.

Everyone you will ever meet or know will die one day. Be kind to everyone, even if they are assholes.

Try mushrooms once in your life. WARNING: You will have a paradigm shift of sorts. You may find out that much of what you know to be true, just isn’t so.https://cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?src=https%3A%2F%2Fgiphy.com%2Fembed%2F6suacjmsVpyKc%2Ftwitter%2Fiframe&display_name=Giphy&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgiphy.com%2Fgifs%2Fpsychedelic-mushrooms-6suacjmsVpyKc&image=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia3.giphy.com%2Fmedia%2F6suacjmsVpyKc%2Fgiphy.gif%3Fcid%3D790b7611f58258347fff9aeb952f684f5ba9c149aa885936%26rid%3Dgiphy.gif%26ct%3Dg&key=a19fcc184b9711e1b4764040d3dc5c07&type=text%2Fhtml&schema=giphy

Do not go near the Jumping Cholla Cactus. Trust me, I have the battle scars to prove it.

If you have nothing good to say about someone, don’t say it, even in the confines of your own four walls.

Most thoughts that come into our minds are bullshit. Scrutinize them as much as you can, and then laugh at them.

Work out and eat healthy so you can look good naked.

Don’t take yourself or others too seriously. We are all going to die one day.

Try not to get attached to anyone or anything. They were never yours. If something you cherish leaves, understand that was always the intention.

You are not as important as you think you are and it’s okay.

Focus on the quality of your relationships, rather than quantity. As we grow older, relationships will be fewer, but richer.

Get a dog. Why? Because they are fucking awesome!

Do good things for the sake of doing them. The currency is in the service in of itself.

How you look at the world, is how the world looks at you.

No matter what anyone says, know that you have always been enough.

Learn how to make the perfect egg scramble like Gordon Ramsey. Your spouse will appreciate it and you may even get laid.

Most people that come to you with problems don’t want solutions, they want to be heard. Listen to them with a compassionate ear and you can help in their healing process and also help yourself cultivate awareness.

Meditation isn’t about reaching nirvana or some esoteric imaginative plane. It’s simply about slowing down, breathing, and acknowledging that this moment can be appreciated through a rested mind.

Whenever you get tired and you need to stay awake, do as many burpees as you can.

Refrain from gossip. Talking about others says more about you, than those you silently chastise.

The word LOVE is shown only by action. Talk is cheap. What you do for another speaks volumes.

Be afraid of things you can’t argue against.

Don’t spend time wasting what happens after death. It’s a question with no answer, and subjectivity towards this question fosters a brittle and broken mind. This is the only life we know we have.

Everyone comes into your life for a short time. The length of this time is relative. You are always alone. Make peace with this now and save yourself from years of anguish and turmoil.

The moment you think you have life figured out, you’ll soon find out that you have to go back to the drawing board again. The puzzle of figuring it out has always been an aimless pursuit.

We carry our emotional baggage like it’s tangible. It’s not real. You have absolutely no responsibility to be who you were yesterday. Every moment is a chance to be new.

No amount of “things” can bring the joy one can attain through a mind that lives in the present moment. As cliche as it seems, there is no such thing as the past and future. Live in the moments as much as you can.

Your mistakes don’t define you. How you move on from them does. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Get yourself up, acknowledge the past as fuel for growth and move the fuck on.

Build a relationship with pain every day. Push the body, take cold showers, try fasting, and limit comfort. This is how the foundation for spiritual, mental, and physical growth can be built.

Be afraid of things you can’t argue against.

Let your intuition be the compass that guides you.

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