#100 – Point the Finger, and Three Fingers Point Back

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“If you step outside and you have a pain in your foot, you have two options. The first is you can try to wrap the entire world in burlap, or you can put on a pair of shoes.” – Ramana Maharshi

It’s easy to blame others for our problems. 

It’s easy to push off responsibility to someone else. 

However, what we perceive as easy, is nothing more than denying the inevitable. 

Problems that inflict the mind and cause mental angst may seem unbearable, but we do have the power to develop an environment within, so we can filter out the rubbish. 

Pointing the finger at anyone for anything does absolutely nothing for us. 

Our minds are strong. We persevere time and time again. 

When I find myself in an uncomfortable situation where the egoic voice is screaming and drowning the self that wants to sit at a mountain top in peace and eat pie…

I pause. 

I take a few steps back. Sometimes literally, most of the time metaphorically. 

I breathe. 

I don’t look at the unsettling emotion as a problem. Just something to acknowledge, learn from and move on. 

This is how I put my shoes on when there is pain. 

Everything that causes you to burn a little bit, is a lesson in disguise. Cherish them. Learn from them.

Prosper into a better you.

You have the shoes. They never get worn out. Maybe with time and a bit of wisdom, they start to fit better. 

Maybe we just need a reminder.

I did. 

With love,

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