Photo by Brad Helmink on Unsplash

Familiarity disposed
Departing from that I love
Uncharted waters

I ask you not to worry
As I write my untold story

I will go far, which I know not
Similar to my first open eyes, and life’s temporary knot

I will camp in the Valley of the Dead
Trek through the Canvases of Red Rock
Climb the ridges of Zion

I will let the silence between the mountains
paint the filaments of imagination

With ink dipped deep in the ocean
I am a vessel ready to be filled

Hold me in your thoughts
I’ll carry you in every gaze
Hold me in your heart
and I will carry you in mine

I don’t have anywhere to be
or anyone to see

My soul is a broken compass
still being pulled magnanimously by the stars

The course will be corrected
At which time is yet to be determined

I leave, as I came
To give you everything, and take nothing
To tell life I am here, and for it to tell me the same

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