#109 – The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make

In the course of a given day, we make many decisions. Some are conscious and others were once conscious, but are now on auto-pilot.

The decisions that were on autopilot need little energy now.

For example, taking a daily shower may not seem like a decision, but it is. There is a known consequence.

You’ll stink if you don’t unless your stench is reminiscent of vanilla. I know, I’m blessed.

Other decisions, for example. like your next career move, falling in love or purchasing a home, requires more thought, energy, and consideration.

It’s important to not take these decisions lightly and spend time mulling them over, making sure they add value to your life.

Once you make that decision, it’s time to step away. The hard work is done and now you have to let the cards fall however they will.

When it comes to deciding anything important in my life, I take deliberate steps to understand the many possible outcomes, but after I make the decision, I have to accept what happens.

Similar to an archer who aims at his/her target, once the arrow leaves the bow, there is little to do, except watch.

If you hit the bullseye, great. However, there will be another moment where you will need to aim again.

Conversely, if you miss, don’t fret, because the moment will come again to make another decision, thereby giving you another chance to hit the bullseye.

Acceptance after a decision can be difficult if it doesn’t go according to plan, but that’s ok.

Sometimes the plan may take you off trajectory, but keep aiming, because something gotta hit sometime.

The most important decision you can make is to not regret the decision.

To look back is insanity because there is no rewind button to this game.

Onward friends.

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