#125 – Redefining the Ego: Unraveling Misconceptions and Embracing Self-Understanding

The ego is our sense of self-importance. It gives us our personal identity and serves as a compass for how we see and interact with our world.

It’s commonplace in many circles to view the ego as something terrible that needs to be eradicated. When anger steps in amongst other inferior emotions, the tendency is to blame the ego. I wondered why?

The question led me to dive deeper into the ego.

-What is it?
-Where is it located?
-Does it even exist?

While I am not exactly clear on the answer, it has opened me up to not demonize the ego anymore. I no longer see it as something that is separate from me or something that I need to remove.

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The ego may be our most challenging adversary, but it’s also our closest ally. It has been responsible for many of the world’s atrocities, but also its innovations.

Our ego follows us around and enjoys putting fuel on the fire in our most challenging situations. Nonetheless, it pushes us to be better as well. It’s what got me up early this morning to go for a run. It’s also the same voice that desperately wants to stay in bed.

The ego is the shield that protects us, but it will also let its guard down and betray us. It will drop-kick us into a hole of despair while helping us up into the valley of hope.

Instead of demonizing the ego, I have accepted it as the gateway into the experience of life. Without it, my existence would be incomplete.

The ego is us, and it’s here to stay.

With love,

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