3-Point Friday

I send out a newsletter to subscribers every Friday highlighting 3 important points that I find helpful to live life limitlessly. This can include anything from articles, new hacks, tricks, book recommendations, poetry, and anything in the realm of personal development. The goal is to add value to your life.

The name for 3-Point Friday is a NBA reference. A 3-pointer is the most you can score in a single possession in a basketball game. Many times, it’s the deciding factor in the final minutes of who will win the game.

Picture this. There is one second left on the clock, your team is down by two, and this possession is for the championship. Your teammate inbounds the basketball to you. There is half-second left on the clock when your hands touch the ball. The pressure is on. The crowd is silent. You shoot…

We may think that our life exhibits moments of intense excitement and pressure but the truth is, our life always comes down to the final seconds because every second is final. What happens now will always hold the highest importance. This isn’t some esoteric idea disguised as new age philosophy. It’s a fact. You can only be here now. 

With that being said, 3-Point Friday’s are designed to share helpful resources as we navigate through the journey of life together so you can, for the lack of a better term, score.

With Love,
Anand Swamy

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