#93 The Breath

A son asked his mother, “why do you sit in silence alone?”

The mother said:

“Son, I’m not alone. I sit with a breath. You see, the breath is never hungry. It’s never sad. It’s never mad. It’s void of feeling, thereby making it void of suffering. It doesn’t need anything, nor does it want anything, yet it encapsulates everything.

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#91 – Morning Routine: Priming The Mind with Rituals, Supplementation, and Making Each and Everyday Count

Tom’s Thumb Trailhead – Scottsdale, AZ

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” — Jim Rohn

I have been running an experiment on myself where I have been following a set of rituals or daily disciplines for the past few weeks. I was inspired by many of the successful people I admire. 

A common trait that all of them embody is they have a set of morning rituals that they stand by. These are MUST DO TASKS they abide by because it puts them in peak mental, emotional, and physical state. This allows them to tackle obstacles, harness creativity, and remain present. 

Conditioning our mind every day to be at its peak takes preparation. My morning routine starts the night before. 

Every day we are given 86,400 seconds. What we focus on invariably makes our life. We only have so much space and energy to devote things too. I’ve chosen to be hyper-vigilant of where I use this energy because it’s precious. 

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#90 – Mineral Spirits

Fox — David Frederick Riley

We were in the Art District of Old Town Scottsdale. It was hot, but not unusual for Arizona in the slightest. The dry heat blanketed us like a transparent shawl and the subtle wind kept us cool momentarily while we stopped by a few galleries. Each one had a theme and a personality. 

Whether it was a sculpture, painting, or photograph, each piece of art left a piece of its soul on the canvas it chose to imprint on. Art has the uncanny ability to allow us to escape and enjoy the beauty as it was meant to be enjoyed. No words, no thoughts, and no other action needed except to pay attention. 

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#89 Curb Your Ego

Photo by Orkun Azap on Unsplash

The Ego. 

It’s sensitive, invisible, and invites itself without notice. 

It’s a derivative of our personality that seeks self-importance. 

In other words, the ego wants acknowledgment. 

It’s a puppy that does tricks and expects a reward. Everyone has this puppy. 

When I acknowledge others, wanting acknowledgment, all that really means is that their puppy needs more training. 

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#88 Endless River

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Ancient Aboriginals have a rich culture centered around family, nature and tradition. 

In Tasmania, Aboriginal warriors would often paint their faces. 

A painted line on the forehead represents the self. Lines on each cheek represent the knowledge one attains in life. The portion where the cheeks meet the nose is intentionally left blank. 

The blank area represents the knowledge one has yet to attain in this life. 

A researcher and Psychologist from the National Institute of Aging noted that personality traits change little after the age of 30. In short, people are set in their ways, and change of any kind is limited. 

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