Nature – Wash Your Spirit Clean

I go on lots of nature walks. It is when I’m in and around nature that I become centered; centered in such a way that the rat race that has become life leaves, even if only temporarily. I see many metaphors in nature’s presence; each one has a big lesson behind it. In natures silence every word can be heard clearly. She is able to cut, crystalize, and clarify everything that I need to know. Continue reading “Nature – Wash Your Spirit Clean”

Vipassana Meditation — Living a Monk’s Life for 10 Days

What is Vipassana 

Vipassana is a meditation technique of seeing things as they really are. Through stark observation and concentration the focus remains on the sensations of the body and through this, one develops non-reactive understanding and insight into the subtle and gross changes that the body exhibits during meditation. Continue reading “Vipassana Meditation — Living a Monk’s Life for 10 Days”