#67 Finding Wholeness Through Chaos

Every morning I have a spiritual affair with the Pond of Walden as Thoreau guides the better part of me into the importance of reawakening the soul. His morning baths in the pond were akin to a daily baptism and I feel a figment of this, although strong when I read his work before the sun is at full staff. 

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#66 Thermostat or Thermometer?

A thermometer measures temperature. It can measure the temperature of your body, meat on a BBQ, and even the weather. 

A thermostat on the other hand regulates temperature. If it’s too hot in your home, you can use this device to cool your dwelling. If it’s too cold, then you can use it to warm your home. 

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#65 Don’t Skip a Beat

I love iHeartRadio. Who doesn’t, right? Similar to Pandora, it’s a music and podcast application that allows you to create playlists from your favorite genre of music. 

I had a habit of listening only to the songs I was familiar with. If a song came on that I never heard before, I would skip it immediately. I did this for years. 

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#64 Beginnings Don’t Have to End

First kiss, first day on the job, and first trips abroad to name a few firsts are when hopes are high. It’s when we are most present, alert, attentive, and receptive to the moment. 

Beginnings are exhilarating. They inspire curiosity, bravery, and vigorous action. Everything is much more visceral. Opinions are slightly subdued and embracing the now is much more accepted, appreciated, and necessary. However, every exciting new beginning comes to end. But does it have to? 

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#63 The Greatest Show on Earth

When we go to the movies, we have preferences for the type of flicks we plan to watch. We walk into a movie theater expecting Hollywood to take us on an emotional roller coaster. 

Some like the thrill and gut-wrenching adrenaline of horror, others prefer the tear-jerking emotions that come from drama. Some like the abdominal pain-inducing laughter that comes from a comedy, while others escape into the realm of fantasy with sci-fi.

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#62 The Miracle of Life

About 13.8 billion years ago, the Big Bang took place. The Big Bang Theory is science’s way of explaining how all creation started through mathematical models and reasoning.

Who really knows for sure but my spiritual self sees something transformative when trying to understand the infinite.

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#60 – 30 for 30 – Life Lessons for the Wise

When I turned 30, I did not know what to make of it. Lots have asked me, how did it feel? To be honest, it didn’t feel any different biologically than turning 21. Well, that isn’t entirely true. I can’t jump as high, run as fast, or eat as much but I have become wiser. Instead of jumping high or running fast, I have opted for practices like yoga or meditation. Instead of eating lots of unhealthy food, I have opted for more greens and pasture-raised meats. I wish I knew about these things when I was younger but I’ve learned you can’t look at life that way. What we go through is a catalyst for something better. Through mediums like this blog, I am able to share what has worked for me, and maybe it can work for you.

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#58 How to Forgive Yourself

“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.’” – Mark Twain

When I first heard this beautiful quote my heart skipped a beat, goosebumps arose throughout my body, and my eyes began to tear up. Twain tells us that even when the heel of a foot crushes the violet flower, it still permeates its sweet fragrance.

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#57 – 6 Ways to Cleanse the Mind, Body, & Soul

5:45 am and I am up as the alarm sings tunes from the king of pop (aka Michael Jackson). I grew up during a time where his music prowess was unprecedented, flawless, and life giving. I decided to stay in bed for another 5–10 minutes and opened the window next to me. The sun comes out earlier in the months of April so it doesn’t seem like I’m up that early, but the beautiful chirping melodies from the many birds accompanied with the silence of the city, is a reminder that I am. After a few minutes of being utterly transfixed and inspired by the new day, I started my daily routine of rituals.

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