#34 Sometimes You Need to Know You’re an Asshole

““Self love is good thing, but self-awareness is way more important.’” – Louis CK My mother called me earlier this week. Our conversations usually revolve around the same spiel. When are you going to get married?What are doing with your life?I’m worried about you.

#31 Treat Everyone Like They’ll Die Soon

After all the meditation, philosophic readings, and walks in nature I have learned very little. I thought the lessons in life would guide me to learn something profound. I thought I’d find a calling, perhaps some purpose, and maybe some meaning to all this madness.

#29 Life Lessons From the Kitchen — Cooking with Mom (Recipe + Video Included)

It was the 13th day of September and my mother had called me to visit. It had been about a month since I last saw her so time with her was past due and she was persistent that I come by. The last few days of an Indian summer were upon us. The sky was …

#28 Life Lessons From an Unknown Artist — Nataraja Shiva, The Lord of Dance

I was born in America and grew up Hindu. Growing up I took part in rituals that were performed at pooja’s (prayer meetings) without understanding why? I asked my parents, elders, and even the priests that performed the religious ceremonies simple questions about God, my skepticism, and confusion. I couldn’t get a straight answer from …

#27 First Encounter — An Unforgettable Date

We exchanged messages for a month, talked on the phone once, and pretty much followed the cliche protocols that one assumes with online dating. Today was the day. Expectations were ruled out because I’ve been here before. You know, the same monotonous conversations about career, past dating history, horoscopes, hobbies, etc. Everyone talks about the …

#26 Eating One Meal Day — Intermittent Fasting, Veganism, and Keto

Food was life. I was the fat kid that loved cake that 50 Cent rapped about. I was lucky because Mom and Dad both knew how to throw down in the kitchen, and I mean serious Top Chef-style, but the amateur home edition.

#25 Timeless (No BS) Lessons to Live a Better Life

Is the glass half empty or half full? I’m sure you’ve heard of this expression. It’s a simple concept and it carries its weight in truth. To live, breathe, and embody the belief that the glass is half-full is another story. Today I wanted to help you understand, and in no particular order, why this …