First Words

Somewhere in Death Valley, CA

My mom and I would often talk about death.

We had our theories about what happens after we take the final dirt nap, but we would come to the same conclusion.

We don’t know.

The one thing she had, that I didn’t at the time, is hope.

Hope that there is something after, and perhaps the kindred spirits that we meet in this lifetime we’ll meet again. She wanted to be with her parents.

I can picture her as a little girl, walking through an open green field with hillsides sprawling with wildflowers in every direction. My grandparents are both holding each of her hands. They walk in the direction of a beautiful sunset to some uncharted path.

I have started to hope.

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Photo by Brad Helmink on Unsplash

Familiarity disposed
Departing from that I love
Uncharted waters

I ask you not to worry
As I write my untold story

I will go far, which I know not
Similar to my first open eyes, and life’s temporary knot

I will camp in the Valley of the Dead
Trek through the Canvases of Red Rock
Climb the ridges of Zion

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With the ones dear to me, I hold you as my branches for I am the tree

My heart is deeper than the deepest roots
So deep that even the vast oceans seem shallow

But there is a caveat to my strength, I have not surrendered.

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Photo by Amit Lahav on Unsplash

I will be like the apple tree

To give shade, sustenance, and loving nourishment until I flee

For I understand that all of creation is destined for a beautiful doom

Gone will be those that I love too soon

I have no control over death, so now I shall do my due diligence in loving

Similar to the apple seed, when broken, I will contain nothing

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