#29 Life Lessons From the Kitchen — Cooking with Mom (Recipe + Video Included)

It was the 13th day of September and my mother had called me to visit. It had been about a month since I last saw her so time with her was past due and she was persistent that I come by.

The last few days of an Indian summer were upon us. The sky was blue, without a cloud in sight, and the heat from the sun wasn’t intrusive. Rather, it felt like a warm blanket that coated our skin.

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#21 How to Stay Sane During a Pandemic

What we think, how we think it, and the ensuing actions that follow, especially during times of disparity, matter. The Coronavirus is serious and all measures and recommendations given by the experts should not be taken lightly, but what I think is also serious is the perpetual onslaught of digital fear that we ingest from media titans, social media, and clickbait enthusiast. Being present is always important, but even more so during these troubling times. I have listed a few ways tips that have helped me keep sane during these uncertain times.

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