Why I Write

I first started writing 10 years ago. For me, writing has helped me understand myself better. You might be asking, what does that exactly mean? Let me tell you.

As humans, we have complex minds. We attempt to try to make sense of existence. Writing down my thoughts on a blogging platform has helped me understand myself, others, and our world better. A few articles that exemplify this are:

As you can imagine, self-awareness and personal development are topics that bring me joy. Countless others have also found it rewarding to write about their passions.

Whether it’s politics, photography, business, or coffee to name a few subjects, writing can help you find more fulfillment in your passion. It can deepen your understanding of a topic that you already love. In essence, writing is a catalyst for growth.

Finding My Why

We all have interesting stories and experiences that shape us.

Writing has helped me share what I’ve learned from my experiences. It’s been a crucial force in shaping the I-ching of questions — Why?

My why is becoming more clear as I grow older. Being a witness to dark times (alcoholism, infidelity, abuse) during my youth has forced me into the world of mindfulness.

Writing became the awakening to look deep within my sorrow to find a glimpse of light in my drowning well of despair. Once I found the light, I used it to hoist myself up from where I was and haven’t looked back.

The human mind is an incredibly complex phenomenon, and there is much to learn about it. It’s a miracle to be alive, and writing is helping me see the potential in everyone

Down to the root of our psychological being, people are very similar. Many of us even value the same things. My purview of the world is a more unifying one these days.

What’s your why? What gets you out of bed? What brings you joy?

These are great questions to ask yourself. It might help define your passion more clearly, seek deeper fulfillment, and possibly encourage you to begin writing.

True Fulfillment

The thing that brings us passion can bring us monetary gain. For me, writing is one of these things. I plan to write about self-awareness and spirituality until I am not able to write anymore.

It brings me enormous satisfaction to write something and have someone else have a brighter day because of it.

True fulfillment comes when we are able to give.

The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life.  — Rabindranath Tagore

What would you write about? What drives you? What keeps you up in the middle of the night? What would you want to share with others?

What to Write About

A friend of mine loves cars. He feels they are like time-capsules. I told him this is an excellent topic to write about. All the innovation from cars today, came from yesterday. The only reason we know where to go is that we had a chance to understand where we have been.

Do you belong to a unique culture that has amazing food? You should write about it. Food is special and touches the heart as well as the palette. When someone shares the food of their culture, they are sharing an important part of their cultural history.

Do you have a career that you are proud of? If so, write about it. Share the great things about your career and why you derive so much pleasure from it. There may someone else looking to explore your career path but is searching for more information.

The topics are endless. It doesn’t have to be public. Write for yourself. Warning, if you start writing things you are proud of, you might want to share! As I started earlier, fulfillment is realized when we give. There is something magical inside of you. We want to hear it!

3 Strong Reasons to Write

Strengthen communication skills — Writing helps to organize out thoughts so we can convey messages clearly. This may also translate into verbal communication. Our minds love structure and writing is an avenue to begin building.

Finding purpose — Do you have a career that doesn’t completely fulfill you? Many do. Writing can help you narrow in on our purpose. When you put something on paper, you give action to it.

Creativity — I strongly feel we all have a creativity gene. Writing may help you find it. Take a blank sheet of paper and just write. Be spontaneous and see what happens when the mind has transcribed thought onto paper.

Educate — Sometimes the best way to learn something is to understand its concepts and then putting it into words to validate your knowledge. Writing is an excellent tool to test your mental ability to understand a concept.

Mental health — Writing has been known to improve our mental health. When I first started journaling, it was pages after pages of tear-dropped therapy. See what Cambridge University has to say about this.

Whether you decide to start a blog, share it with others, or keep a private journal, I am an advocate of the written word. I would highly encourage you to make it a practice today.

With Love,

Anand Swamy

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